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Infant/Toddler Program

6 weeks thru 24 months

Our program will enable your child to grow in confidence while learning to walk and talk.

With regular communication between teachers and parents we strive to work with each family to help develop your infant or toddler’s own daily schedule, ensuring consistency between Nanny's House and home.

Infants have plenty of space to play and crawl around, while along with the toddlers are encouraged to investigate their world through days filled with a balance of active & quiet activities.

Activities such as:

•Matching and sorting

•exploring color


•categorizing objects

By introducing books and language we help set the foundation for reading success, which can begin as early as the first few moments of life.

Focusing on first words, phrases, following simple direction, identifying and naming familiar items, we support vocabulary development.

We introduce and work with the “Your Baby Can Read” series, along with some baby sign language.

Infants and toddler explore through creativity & fun, experiencing the pleasures of art, spirited music and movement, dance, cause & effect, self expression and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping.

Group experiences, with such activities as song, games and stories, your child will gain awareness of others and a sense of group identity.

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